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"I was writing about the game on Saturday and it felt to me like what we’d watched was a playground scrap amongst a load of little kids. And then suddenly one of them called the big brother onto it. And once Ronaldo came on, everybody else felt small. Everybody else looked little, everybody else looked scared of him. And he changed everything. He changed the way that Barcelona was set up and he also changed the way that the Real Madrid players felt, as if they looked around and said, ‘Well, Cris is here now. We’re gonna be fine.’ And I think that’s one of the big differences with Cristiano Ronaldo this year. It’s not just that he’s playing brilliantly well, which he’s done before. But now it feels as if when he plays well, when he takes the ball and he runs at people, it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo trying to score his goal. It’s Cristiano Ronaldo taking responsibility for the team, and that’s not just about his attitude - it’s about the attitude of the players around him changing. And I think he’s become absolutely fundamental.”

-Sid Lowe